Monday, February 23, 2015

How I Will Begin My Civil Engineering Career?

Q: So, you want a civil engineering career? Wait a minute, what is Civil Engineering? 
A: Civil engineering is a professional
discipline that pratices include designing, constructing, and maintaining structures that are used everyday by the public.

Q: What are some examples of these structures? 
A: A skyscraper like the one shown above was build by engineers for the public to work and create new ideas. 

Q: Wait a minute,why are civil engineers working on this? I thought skyscrapers were a private structure? 
A: Some skyscrapers are private but even those are build with the help of civil engineers. Civil engineers who are experts in geotechnical can decide what materials do use depending on the ground the structure is build on.

Q: Do civil engineers only make skyscrapers? 
A: No, Civil engineers build bridges and tunnels for the public to transport their ideas with others. 

Q: Interesting, why do you want to be a civil engineer?
A: Living near New York City I get to see amazing structures all around me. The Empire State Building is known worldwide and I wish to be able to create something the same.

Q: Is there any projects going on that are going to make a major impact to your community? 
(Photo Credit: New York State Thruway Authority) 
A: Actually, there is! They are making a new Tappan Zee Bridge, which is 30 minutes away from me. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go and see the building of a new bridge. 

Q: How are you going to start off this journey? 
A: In order to be a civil engineer you need a degree. However, I believe that one should visit contrusction site to gather knowledge of the job. Also, by creating this blog I may gather attention from other civil engineers to give me advice and direction.  

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